Bailow Architects

We are a full-service architecture firm specializing in custom residential homes and renovations. The firm was founded by Principal, Christopher Bailow, whose work consists of thoughtful innovative design rooted in a New England vernacular tradition. Our work distills the traditional building patterns of New England with modern family lifestyle to create beautiful and enduring homes that are perfectly tailored for each individual client.

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Design + Materials + Craftsmanship



Good design is where we start. Programs and problems are approached with the belief that the best solutions will be inevitable if our approach is logical, direct, and focused on meeting the goals of our clients. We consider the needs of our clients' lifestyle for today and for tomorrow.


Choosing the right materials will enhance the experience of the building's occupants and create a home worthy of preservation. The right material choices will create the vocabulary of the home's aesthetic, be safe and non-toxic for our families to inhabit, and be mindful our natural environment.

Choosing the right materials takes a refined taste, a breadth of experience, a broad knowledge of construction methods, and an understanding of our environment. We take great pride in our knowledge and continued study of classic building materials and cutting edge technologies.


Good design and material choices are only as good as the craftspeople who assemble them. Chris Bailow began his career in Maine as a boat builder and carpenter and later worked as a timber framer's apprentice in Vermont. These experiences are the foundation of Bailow Architects' design and construction model. We dovetail the skills and expertise of the architect and craftspeople and never lose control of the creative process.

From the start of each project we bring builders together with the architect and client to discuss the creative vision, give feedback on budget considerations, and map out the route to completion of a home of the highest level of detail and quality.